AI chan and the AI Of Things

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Idea inspiration

For some applications of AI, the personalisation aspect will be really important (see the earlier comic “AI chan the imaginary friend”).

For others … I think I’d rather not be inviting a personality, AI or otherwise, into my home and having hard data on how much of a slob I am. And yet I don’t think it will be possible to stop the unholy union of AI and IOT.

Art inspiration

None in particular, but considering I had Evangelion on the brain in the last comic, I kinda think the new AI Corp hire looks a bit like this stately gentleman:


Drawing environments! I am still not used to this, it takes a long time and adds a questionable amount to the comics. 

For this one though, the environments served a storytelling purpose because the punchline depended on creating a contrast between a very spacious mansion and that claustrophobic feeling of being constantly hounded by an AI presence. I don’t think I succeeded at drawing “space” here, which hurt the punchline.


There’s no doubt that the panels that do have environments look more like real scenes from real comics. However I think due to time constraints I will be returning to the “people floating in space” school of comics for the foreseeable future.