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Idea inspiration

This one really comes from how I was feeling when Melbourne was re-opening after two years of being in and out of lockdown. It’s a mini version of After Lockdown (which I didn’t realise until finishing it).

Art inspiration

None in particular.


From a clarity perspective, I think this one confused a number of people. The “mute” sign in panel 5, and the headset in panel 7, were added as a kind of hint to what I was thinking. But ultimately I didn’t want to overhaul too much and I was OK with it being confusing.

From a technical perspective, the various lighting settings (dark, outside, and blinding) were really tough. So was the drapery on the main character’s clothes, which I had basically never done before. The hardest thing was consistency of her appearance, which I kinda just gave up on eventually. She looks like 5-6 different characters across these 10 panels.


Hey, this one was ambitious. I’m not sure how successful it was but I’m glad that I attempted and finished it.