Own goal

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Idea inspiration

Originally this was supposed to be about a basketball player, but I changed it shamefully so I could have the pun in the title.

I came up with this one around the time that local boy Ben Simmons was being criticised for looking like he did not actually want to play competitive, despite having all the gifts in the world to do so.

Art inspiration

The second last panel (the click) was an effort at doing Slam Dunk-style hatching. Perhaps I should have kept the comic about basketball.

I think the design of this character looks a bit more like Matisse Thybulle, who was on the 76ers with Ben at the time. This was unintentional, but ironic because Matisse played on the Australian Olympic team while Ben sat out (despite having a much weaker link to Australia).


Drawing so many characters in the first two panels (even as simple as they are) was a hard slog.


This one was fun and more straightforward than most of my ideas. It was nice to not confuse anyone for once.