AI chan and the human touch

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Idea inspiration

I expect that if there is any reaction to this one, it will be called AI propaganda (just like the prompt engineer comic).

To me it’s interesting to admit that there are some things that AI might end up doing a lot better in practice, and in theory, some of those are things that humans should really consistently outperform AI at, like customer service.

But while an AI chatbot can’t beat humans at truly great customer service, I suspect it can get to a point where it is good enough, and it also can’t beat humans at truly horrific customer service either. Which one is more common, if we’re being honest?

Art inspiration

Not many this time.

The most obvious one is that the “NO AI POLICY” logo is inspired by the Ghostbusters logo.

The name “GRABTUCKR” comes from the Webtoon that I wrote, After Lockdown


Hands are really difficult, part 2. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I actually need to study because it is taking a lot of time to make the hands even look this bad.



I took some time off for personal stuff, so this one took almost a month to do. It doesn’t sound like long, but felt like I had to relearn how to draw AI chan, even though she only appears in two panels, each panel was a slog. 

Glad to have gotten this one over the line!